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battery pack 8.6 Ah 14.4V Li-Ion

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ACCU M- is made from anodised aluminum and delrin. RCA ports - stainless steel. It comes with protective codura sleeve and stainless steel jubilee clips.

RCA connection

ACCU M- is equipped with two RCA connection ports, connected directly to the battery pack. It comes with one RCA port cap.


Maintenance of the ACCU M- is simple - clean and dry the RCA connection ports, grease the sealing oring inside the ports if necessary and store it in a cool and dry place.


ACCU M- is great for divers doing more demanding dives that need more power for longer burn times. It is tough and reliable, able to withstand the usual diving codnitions.

light-for-me ACCU M-:

  • battery pack: 8.6 Ah 14.4V Li-Ion
  • max power output: 70W
  • small and compact
  • made from anodised aluminium
  • RCA cable attachment and charging point - double port connection
  • codura protective cover with stainless steel jubilee clips
  • set includes Li-Ion dedicated charger (UK / EU plug available)
  • battery pack CE and UN 38.3 certified


  • weight: 1.37 kg
  • length: 25cm
  • diameter: 6.7cm


ACCU M- 8.6Ah will work with the following heads:

  • 3XML Alexandra RCA: >3h
  • TEKONE RCA head: >3h
  • 4TEC RCA head: >6h
  • 7XPE RCA head: 5h
  • NW7 RCA head: 6h / 3h / 2h

The above burn times are rounded and may differ from actual burn time +/- 10%

The above times give maximum burn time on 100% power mode.

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