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Backup 3XPG - up to 1000 lumens, 16 degrees.

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Backup 3XPG

  • 3 x XPG LEDs
  • up to 1000 lumens
  • 16 degrees light output
  • 6300K light temperature
  • 12W power
  • switched on/off by body-to-head twist
  • made from anodised aluminium
  • 2 sealing orings
  • powered by 3 x C-size batteries*

Weight and dimensions:

  • body diameter: 3 cm
  • head diameter: 3,8 cm
  • length: 21 cm
  • weight without batteries: 195g
  • weight with batteries: 430g

Due to its wide beam angle the 3XPG backup torch may as well be used as a primary torch and due to its light weight it is an ideal torch for air travelling. The full set with batteries weighs less than half a kilo!

*The set does not include batteries. We recommend using high quality alkaline or rechargeable batteries.

NOTE: After diving with the torch we highly recommend rinsing it thoroughly. The torch is made from anodised aluminium which means it is very durable but not resistant to alkaline environment. Such environment is present near the limestone rocks for example near the reefs or in some caves.


3xpg manual

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