Ghost Standard Set S - XDEEP

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Complete Wing System only 2.3kg total weight with dir harness
Dispacth 1-3 days

xDeep Ghost deluxe version:
- Ghost wing system S
- Ghost Dir harness

Complete Wing System only 2.3kg total weight!


It’s hard to believe that the GHOST system weighs in at only 2.3kg!

In an age of ever increasing luggage charges this is great news for your wallet and also your arms and back.
50% lighter, just as durable
When designing GHOST we faced a difficult task: our aim was to create an extremely lightweight SCUBA BCD without compromising any of the durability or comfort that our users expect. The innovative advanced lightweight and highly resistant materials that we used enabled us to create a system which is far lighter than standard but just as durable.
Extremely strong aerospace-grade alloy
We have used an extremely strong alloy which is used in aerospace industry.

It ensures the construction lightness.
Durable 1100 dTEX CORDURA®
 The wing has been performed with a very durable 1100 dTEX CORDURA® coated with a TPU of 0.215 mm thick.

This kind of material provides a resistance to rupture that is comparable to double skin wings BCDs.
Reliable 6mm D-Rings

The weight savings achieved elsewhere through careful use of advanced materials, allows us to continue to use incredibly reliable 6mm stainless steel D-Rings : far more durable than aluminium or plastic.

So streamlined that it virtually disappears under water
Less drag, less effort, less air consumption, longer dives.

When diving with a single tank, there is nothing as important as being streamlined. You’re on holiday and need to relax and enjoy! With it’s one layer design and perfect geometry, the GHOST reduces drag to the absolute minimum and let’s you do just that.

Lightweight, but not at any cost: Comfort matters too
 An anatomic Next Generation Harness, soft 3D Mesh backplate pads, a refined geometry allowing a perfect trim under water and an extremely high position on the surface – you will appreciate it all while waiting for the boat in choppy seas.
Meet the GHOST.

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