Xdeep Ghost Deluxe Full Set

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Xdeep Ghost Deluxe Set

GHOST Deluxe Set: The Ultimate Lightweight Scuba Diving System

Dive into the unknown with the GHOST Deluxe Set, a marvel of innovation in the scuba diving world. Designed for the modern diver, the GHOST set redefines underwater exploration with its unparalleled lightweight design, ensuring you save on excess baggage without compromising on performance. Its fast-drying materials and streamlined configuration minimize drag, enhancing your diving experience by reducing effort and maximizing energy efficiency.

Experience Perfect Underwater Trim and Comfort

Achieve the perfect horizontal trim effortlessly with the GHOST wing, inspired by the precision of technical divers. The NX Ultralight harness, part of our revolutionary NX SERIES, offers unmatched comfort and security, making it easy to don and doff while providing complete underwater freedom of movement. The GHOST system is not just about aesthetics; it's about enhancing safety, improving gas consumption, and increasing your time underwater.

Innovative Design for Enhanced Safety and Enjoyment

Safety and comfort at the surface are paramount with the GHOST. Its design prevents the common issue of being pushed face down at the surface, offering a buoyancy lift of over 17 liters to keep you safe and comfortable in any condition. Dive deeper into your passion with the GHOST's meticulously crafted features, including a single tank adaptor for simplicity and a neutrally buoyant 3D Mesh padding for a snug fit in any attire.

Lightweight, Durable, and Modular for Every Dive

Challenge the depths with confidence as the GHOST sets a new standard for durability and lightness. Our obsession with quality and innovation is evident in every detail, from the materials selected to the modular weight system that allows for a personalized diving experience. Embrace the freedom of the sea with the GHOST Deluxe Set, where every dive becomes an adventure waiting to unfold.

Elevate your diving experience with the GHOST Deluxe Set, where innovation meets performance in the depths of the ocean.

XDEEP Ghost Deluxe Set

Perfect for recreational scuba diving with single tank and. Specially designed for air travel.
Full set weight about 2.3 kg
Color set means black main wing with color trimming. Backplate pads will same color as wing trimming.

BCD Wing spec:

  • BCD buoyancy 17kg (approx 38lbs)
  • Single shell Cordura 1100 DTEX fabric with 0.2 mm TPU coating
  • K-Type power inflator
  • 16" infaltor hose lenght (can be ordered with 14" or 19" inches)
  • weight 0.65 kg
  • colors black with color trimming (as standard full black)

Harness spec:

  • NX Ultralight with two sizes: S for divers less than 175cm tall and L for divers over 175cm tall
  • Aerospace grade aluminium alloy 3mm thickness
  • adjustable with the ITW NEXUS QR buckles
  • backplate pads
  • shoulder strap pads
  • V-shaped crotch strap
  • NX ultralight single tank adaptor
  • two cam bands with plastic buckles (can be ordered with steel)

Weight system (option):

  • wieght pockets 3 sizes avialable (S - 2x2kg, M - 2x3kg, XL - 2x6kg)
  • trim pockets M (2x2kg) or L (2x3kg) - sold separately


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