Xdeep Zeos 38 Deluxe Full Set

Deluxe set for single tank.

weight pockets
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Perfect ZEOS wing
This set comprises of a perfect ZEOS wing – the Product of the Year 2011 according to the readers of Nuras.Info magazine.
ZEOS wing is a two-shell wing made of the best materials from the USA and Germany,and a super-resistant Cordura 1100 dTEX on the outer shell.
The geometry of the ZEOS wing makes it a lot easier for the diver to reach the ideal, horizontal position and makes the whole set very comfortable and easy to use.

Steel or aluminium backplate?
You decide! The ZEOS set can be provided both with aluminium and with steel backplate.
You can decide if you prefer the heavier backplate made of acid-proof steel to the light aluminium backplate in order to have a suitable weight, if you travel frequently.

Choose the optimal buoyancy
When you order a set, you can choose from two wing models which differ in their buoyancy: ZEOS 28 model (13 kg) and ZEOS 38 model (17 kg).
The ZEOS 38 model is an ideal solution for most of the scuba divers since it has a very streamlined wing and a 17 kg of buoyancy which provides significant reserve.

Set contains:

- ZEOS 38 wing

- stainless steel or aluminium backplate with adjustable harness backplate pad and shoulder pads

- single tank adaptor

- tank bands

- with or without weight pockets

Be aware that we are not sending XDEEP products to USA, CANADA & AUSTRALIA