Diving fins

Fins are the basic equipment of a diver. Diving fins can be divided into two basic types of fins - Striped diving fins and full foot diving fins. Fulll foot fins are a solution for warm water, because they are put on bare feet. Stripe fins are practically the only choice for a scuba diver diving in cold waters. Stripe fins are divided into two types: recreational fins and technical fins.

Recreational fins

The feathers of recreational fins are usually made of plastic, they are usually quite long, not very wide and light. The best recreational fins are produced by Mares, Tusa, Cressi, among others.

Technical fins

Technical diving fins are usually heavy, wide and come in several lengths and stiffnesses, they are generally made of rubber. The choice of technical fins depends on the purpose. To choose the right fins, consider their length - short fins allow for easy maneuvering, while long fins provide high power, which is useful when swimming over long distances or in the current. The stiffness of the fin is related to its effectiveness (efficiency), the stiffer the stronger, but it tires quickly. The soft fin will not tire as quickly, but its efficiency will be lower. The most popular models of diving fins that you will find in our store are Scubapro Jetfin, Xdeep EX1, Apeks Rk3, Tecline Jetstream, Poseidon Trident, Dive System Tech fin, and many others

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