Santi Smart Gloves Rings

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Santi Smart Gloves Rings

The Santi SmartGloves system offers a user-friendly solution for divers, integrating seamlessly with the Santi SmartSeals rings system. Its design emphasizes ease of use, allowing divers to don and doff gloves effortlessly, enhancing the ability to handle equipment and access challenging areas underwater. The system is notable for its adaptability to various hand sizes, robust sealing surface, and high durability against mechanical and environmental wear, making it an excellent choice for divers seeking reliable and flexible dry glove options.

Santi SmartGloves rings for assembly dry gloves are designed for Santi SmartSeals users.

In box you will find:
- mounting ring x2
- ring cover x2
- ring for dry gloves assembly x2
- Locking ring x2
- Sealing o-ring (thicker) x2

Fits only to Santi SmartSeals.

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