Aqalung Leg3nd - feel the difference

Aqalung Leg3nd - feel the difference

Short comparison and explanation of differences between 3 Aqualung Leg3nd models. Aqualung gives you a unique chance to choose a proper version of their highest regulator line model. Legends are the most recognized models of Aqualung. This is the 3rd generation fo Legends and it is offered in three different versions. The only difference concerns the main second stages. The first stages and the octopuses (alternate second stages) always come in one version.

Leg3nd baseline

The basic Leg3nd posses only one simple predive/dive function lever.

The simplest solution to regulate the Venturi effect. If you set predive function, the Venturi effect will be set in the position making it harder to breath (yet it is still possible to breath thorough this way configured regulator) and it harder to cause the free-flow effect when you put the regulator mouthpiece up into the water. In short it means, you get 2-position lever – predive/dive and that’s it.

Leg3nd MBS

MBS stands for Master Breathing system is a combination of Venturi effect regulation lever and the breathing effort lever. You will regulate the Venturi effect (predive/dive) and you will adjust the effort of breathing by turning the knob. When you turn it to “-“ (minus) position, the regulator will be set in the predive mode.

Leg3nd Elite

In this model you get two separate regulation tools: one is letting you set the Venturi effect (two positions – predive/dive) and the second adjusts precisely the breathing effort.

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