Xdeep Zeos 38 Wing

Single tank wing 38lbs

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Basic parameters
Type: Wing style, double layer toroidal buoyancy compensator
Buoyancy: 17 kg (38 Lbs)
Outer shell: Cordura 1100dTEX
Inner bladder: Nylon 440dTEX with 0.215mm coating
Access to the inner bladder: YKK Vislon zipper
Spacing of the mounting holes: 279mm (11 inches)
Weight: 1.2 kg
Type: K-type piston inflator
Supply pressure: 6 bar to 17.23 bar
Corrugated hose length: 34cm (14 inches)/40cm (16 inches)/48cm (19 inches)
Over pressure relief valve
Number of valves: One
Placement: On the left, at lower part of the BC
Suggested tank parameters
Typ: Single tank
Maximum tank size: 15 litres
Operating temperature
Water: -2°C to 40°C
Air: -20°C to 60°C
CE Certification

The product we offer is supplied in a set as follows:
- Buoancy compenstator ZEOS 28
- LP hose 

The Product of the Year 2011

The Product of the Year 2011
Immediately after launching our products, the ZEOS model won recognition of the users who appreciated the quality of the material and the user-friendliness.
The said recognition was confirmed when the ZEOS won the Product of the Year 2011 award, in the poll conducted among the readers of the monthly Nuras Info. The ZEOS 38 model received almost 700 votes in the poll which was heavily contested among leading manufacturers. 

Geometry – key to perfect position underwater

Geometry – key to perfect position underwater
The structure of the bladder may help or hinder reaching the optimal trim. In ZEOS wing the buoyancy center agrees with the gravity center of gas in the cylinder.
What does it mean for you? 
Perfect trim during the entire dive, regardless of whether your card reads OWD or Full Trimix. 

Super-resistant outer shell

Super-resistant outer shell
The outer shell of ZEOS wing is made of Cordura® 1100 dTEX which is a high resistant material.
Do I need "such a strong" material? 
Cordura® fibers are much more abrasion-resistant than Nylon. They are equally important during recreational diving in Egypt and for technical diving. Cordura-fabric wing are more durable and will still look like NEW even after many dives. 

High surface position

High surface position
ZEOS 28 was built in such a way that when the diver is surfaced, only the smallest possible part of the wing sticks out of the water. Then the bladder displacement is effectively maintained to keep the diver surfaced. 
Thanks to such a solution, ZEOS 38 keeps the diver sufficiently high, which is important especially at sea and provides perfect comfort also in high wave environment. 

Significant displacement and minimized drag

Significant displacement and minimized drag
The total displacement of ZEOS 38 is under 17 kg which is relatively a small size.
How did we do that? 
We reduced the dead zones to the minimum and designed such a contour of the bladder which fails to stick out above the cylinder, and at the same time it maximizes the displacement. 
That is why, ZEOS 38 provides very little drag in the water and the use of inflator is very comfortable. 

Choose inflator of optimal length

Choose inflator of optimal length

The comfort related to the use of the inflator depends on its length. An inflator which is too-long or too-short may even cause the best wing or jacket to be uncomfortable to use. 
Depending on your height, you need an inflator of greater or smaller length. When you order ZEOS wing, you can choose from three different lengths of the inflator hose: 14", 16" or 19". Thanks to that, you are sure that your set will ideally match your needs. 

Anti-bacterial coating

Anti-bacterial coating
Have you ever wondered why scuba divers have so much sinus trouble?
Moisture inside the wing is an ideal place for bacteria, including the pathogenic ones. You know perfectly that sinus trouble can force you to refrain from diving for many weeks. 
In order to reduce that risk, the inner bladder of ZEOS wing contains antibiotic agent preventing the development of bacteria. 

Be aware that we are not sending XDEEP products to USA, CANADA & AUSTRALIA


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